Top 5 Breathtaking Waterfalls In India !

Love seeing waterfalls?

If you have a liking for them, here is a list of some breathtaking waterfalls in India, which you can visit:

1.      Dudhsagar Waterfall in Goa:

Waterfall in Goa

            Dudhsagar means "sea of milk". The magnificence of this waterfall spouting down from a  height of 310 meters and making the scene of white waterfall genuinely lives the name given to it. The waterfall is situated on the outskirts of Karnataka and Goa and the way that it isn't a simple activity to appreciate the complete view of the falls makes it significantly more breathtaking. Trekking is a challenging task that you can undergo to go to a point with a beautiful view of the falls. The railway bridge providing the vintage look with the greatness of waterfalls in the background that will stay in your heart for the rest of life.

2.      Kempty falls in Uttarakhand:

Kempty falls

            Situated in the nature's abode  – Mussoorie, Kempty falls is a standout amongst the most striking vacation destination of the city. Situated at a height of 1371 meters above the sea level, the view of water falling from the height and separating into five different falls, is an awesome view. Waterfall is surrounded by the magnificence of green trees, big bluffs and the calming chirping of birds in the surroundings, everything set to refresh your mood. With the icy breeze flowing, this place is a perfect destination to rejuvenate yourself.

3.      Jog falls in Karnataka:

 Jog falls

            Jog falls is tallied among the highest waterfalls of our nation. It is situated in the Shimoga region of Karnataka, which almost lies in the centre of the state. Set against the canvas of lavish green forests, the water of four falls which are known as Rani, Raja, Rocket and Rover combine to form the magnificent beauty of the falls. The colossal view of the falls can be appreciated best from Watkins spot. For the extended thrill, you can likewise trek to this point to appreciate the totally staggering view and the thunder of water tumbling from a height of 253 meters.

4.      Kune falls in Pune:

Kune falls

            Kune falls can be called as the concealed jewel of the province of Maharashtra which can be appreciated best during a weekend from the city of Pune and Mumbai. The water tumbles from a height of 100 meters and before advancing into the valley beneath it separates the waterfall into three sections. It is a perfect spot for the outing with family or short trek with companions. The rich green woods and reviving breeze in the surroundings gives you a totally different experience.

5.      Bhimlat falls in Rajasthan:

 Bhimlat falls

Bhimlat falls can without much of a stretch be called a desert oasis. Situated in Bundi which falls at a distance of 472 km from the capital city, Bhimlat falls is a popular weekend getaway from Delhi. The water tumbling from a height of 60 meters and advancing into the sea green lake at the foothills of falls,

the wonder looks totally staggering with green forests decorating a side of the falls. In the midst of the dry desert that is known for Rajasthan Bhimlat falls is a joy for travelers.


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