There are lots of reasons for visiting Gujarat like the Asiatic Lions, Neolithic cave paintings, fossil fields of the epic dinosaurs, etc. Here are few places you need to visit in Gujarat.

1. Junagadh

It is called as the old fort and is regarded as a fortified city and has lots of mosques, temples with both Buddhist and Hindu and various other ancient structures.

2. Ahmadabad


The 5th largest city in India is none other than Ahmedabad and it is called as the commercial hub and also the best place in Gujarat. This place is known for its culture and architecture.

3. Vadodara/Baroda
Sursagar in Baroda

It is regarded as the cultural capital of the state and is frequently visited by most of the tourists. The Marathas drove away from the Mughals and established Vadodara as the city capital.

4. Champaner-Pavagarh Archaeological Park

It is the most wanted place to be visited for its ancient heritage and its culture, and architecture. It has been built for the past 600 years.

5. Sasan Gir National Park
Sasan Gir

If you want to see the Asiatic lion then this is the place situated in the Junagadh District and is the most visited place in India.


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